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Congratulations to Adsec: In Recognition of 6 Years of Partnership!

IMG_3676In November, Adsec in Japan received an “In Recognition of 6 Years of Partnership” award from Jim Sankey, CEO and President of InVue Security Products.

Adsec, led by Harry Koizumi, has been a valuable, successful partner of InVue’s for six years.

Adsec introduced retail display security PODs to the Japanese market and has consistently dominated sales to the top three Telco chains for the last four years. Thanks to Adsec’s sales and marketing efforts, InVue has a strong leadership position in the retail display security market in Japan.

InVue and Adsec are currently working together on a new phase of market development, which begins implementation this month.

Adsec is not new to InVue awards. They won the inaugural “APAC InVue Partner Innovation” Award in 2013, due to their creative merchandising and design initiatives using InVue products.

Lenovo Launches New Yoga Products. InVue Provides the Muscle Behind Them.


On October 9th, Lenovo announced the launch of their new Yoga Tablet 2 and the Yoga 3 Pro at The Old Sorting House in London. InVue’s S950 Tablet and Zips 2.0 were chosen to secure the two Yoga’s due to the flexibility of InVue’s product design, allowing attendees to easily interact with the Lenovo products without interference from the security devices protecting them.

InVue’s S950 Tablet is a no compromise solution for security due to its small size, ease of use and reliability. InVue’s Zips 2.0 is ultrafast protection for high value electronics and accessories designed for extreme ease of use and simple installation.

S950 and Zips 2.0 are part of InVue’s IR Ecosystem™, a storewide single key security system for all high theft merchandise.

Lenovo is a Fortune 500 company providing innovative consumer, commercial and enterprise technology.

InVue Helix Anti-Sweep Hooks Help Lowe’s Improve the Customer Experience and Control Shortage


Lowe’s has been helping customers improve the places they call home for more than 60 years. Founded in 1946, Lowe’s has grown from a small hardware store to the second-largest home improvement retailer worldwide.

lowesLowe’s exists to help customers improve and maintain their biggest asset – their home. They do this by meeting the changing needs of their customers by providing inspiration and support whenever and wherever they shop. Whether their customers shop in store, online, by phone, or if they’re meeting them at their home or place of business, Lowe’s is ready to help. In Lowe’s more than 1,830 stores, they have implemented multiple systems to improve the customer experience, including an upgraded store information technology infrastructure that allows customers and employees to access richer product information, enjoy an endless aisle of product choices and manage their projects from inspiration to enjoyment.

It is the mission of Lowe’s Loss Prevention to implement shortage control programs that align to positive customer and employee experiences. At Lowe’s, they have a fundamental belief when it comes to shortage control and profit enhancement; simply put – do not implement shortage control strategies that inconvenience 98% of honest consumers in an effort to defense against the 2% of dishonest consumers.

With over 90,000 Helix anti-sweep hooks in use today, Helix has proven to allow Lowe’s to sell more and lose less for the protected products. Helix has benefited both their store associates and customers. Helix allows their store associates to quickly load high loss products onto the fixture and effectively maintain on-shelf product availability for Lowe’s customers who can dispense merchandise efficiently with the self-serve time delay function. Lowe’s customer experience is enhanced by having the products they want and need in-stock and available. Lowe’s and InVue… a partnership that allows Lowe’s customers to love where they live!

Congratulations to RESATEC – Awarded Partner of the Year by InVue Security


Partner event February – EuroShop, Germany

In Q1 of this year, Resatec received the “Partner of the Year Award” from Jim Sankey, CEO and President of InVue Security Products, during the Partner event in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Many factors went into choosing the award-winning partner including strong growth year over year, adding dedicated InVue sales staff, successful product placements with cell phone retailers, building partnerships with OEM’s (including Samsung) and solid teamwork, communication and cooperation.

In fact, Resatec achieved 115% to goal and 131% versus the prior year.

Resatec was founded in 2002 in Belgium. Specializing in total solutions for all retail segments, Resatec’s 24/7 service is based on three pillars: flexibility, experience and fulfillment of promises. Their end goal is providing innovative solutions with a focus on measurable results. Today they have six administrative employees, seven commercial staff members and seven technical employees that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In five years, they plan to be the go-to company for shoplifting security solutions.

Congratulations to Resatec on this fantastic achievement!

InVue recognized by Inc. Magazine for sustained growth

InVue Inc. Magazine The Build 100 list

Inc. Magazine has recognized InVue among the elite companies that sustained growth every year from 2007 to 2012. The Build 100 list evaluated data on over 100,000 companies and found that fewer than 1.5% managed to grow the company at rates similar to InVue.

“We focused on head count rather than revenue because we found that increased hiring is more predictive of future sustained growth”.

— Inc. Magazine

Click here to read all the details.

InVue Excites EuroShop with 7 New Products

InVue EuroShop Booth 2014

InVue caused quite a buzz at EuroShop with the launch of seven new security products that support an expanded IR Ecosystem. Introduced were: IR StopLok, IR Safers, Zips! Power, Zips! Camera, Series 950 Camera, LTO3, Series 1500 and CT100. This is in addition to the products released earlier in the year, the CT50, Series 950, and HS100. Customers are already familiar with IR technology on InVue PODs for handheld electronics on display and in the Smart Lock line of cabinet locks. The new products bring IR security to the Sell Thru and Commercial Security categories. Vice President of Sales Lance Weeden felt the enthusiasm for InVue’s new products at their booth, “We talked to hundreds of retailers and consumer electronics brands, and they are all excited about InVue’s new line of security products. With one key, InVue customers will be able to unlock sales throughout their entire store, no matter where it’s stored or displayed.”

Samsung Rocks CES 2014 with InVue

Samsung at CES 2014

Attracting over 50,000 visitors each day, Samsung’s booth was among the most popular exhibits at CES 2014, and they trusted InVue to showcase their latest in handheld electronics. InVue Series 950 and Series 2000 were perfect solutions to protect Samsung’s diverse line of smartphones, cameras, and tablets, including the new 12.2-inch Galaxy NotePRO. Both systems installed in seconds and allowed visitors to truly experience the interface and feel of each device. PC Magazine called Samsung’s new products stunning, no doubt because they were able to interact with them as intended, thanks to InVue.

Samsung was one of over 3,000 exhibitors at CES 2014, an internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show attended by over 150,000 industry professionals. Samsung chose InVue to protect their products, but they weren’t the only ones—Qualcomm, Nikon, and Polar also maximized their exhibit experience with InVue. See more of InVue’s and Samsung’s products in action here!

InVue’s California warehouse team sets new shipping record

InVue prides itself on being able to meet the demands of its customers. Since late November, InVue’s California warehouse employees have assembled and shipped roughly 400,000 security components in just under four weeks. This represents an outstanding effort by the team in executing a tremendous volume of product through the entire supply chain. More important, InVue customers know they can count on InVue to deliver on time, no matter how tall the order.