InVue Security

Securing Apple merchandise for optimal display and performance.


  • InVue power connectors for the Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad are certified by Apple to meet their performance standards, ensuring the devices are powered up and look their best.
  • If needed, an additional layer of security is easy with InVue’s Sensor Clamp. One clamp size fits all Apple iPhone models providing robust security in just seconds.
  • The InVue Series 2000 is the superior choice for displaying and securing Apple merchandise. Its modularity makes it a perfect fit for any fixture and the small footprint makes the Apple product the hero. The Series 2000 voltage regulation allows you to re-merchandise smartphones and tablets on the same display, without worrying about power requirements.

InVue Reveals New Products at Equipmag 2012 in Paris

InVue was represented September 11-13 at the 28th edition of the Equipmag Expo in Paris, France. Nearly 500 exhibitors represented companies from all over the world and more than 20,000 visitors were there to take in the sights. Revealing new secure display products that revolutionize security for handheld displays, InVue’s 34 sq. meter booth was crawling with attendees.

InVue Selected by Megafon to Provide Retail Security.

InVue was recently selected by Megafon to provide in-store security for its flagship store in Moscow. InVue installed Series 1000 Pucks to secure mobile phones and tablets as well as Locking Hooks to secure mobile phone accessories. InVue was chosen for its ease-of-use, clean design, unmatched quality and tough security.

With over 57 million subscribers, Megafon is the second largest mobile phone operator in Russia, and the only provider that operates its own mobile network. Its headquarters are located in Moscow.

InVue Security at Megafon Moscow