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InVue Excites EuroShop with 7 New Products

InVue EuroShop Booth 2014

InVue caused quite a buzz at EuroShop with the launch of seven new security products that support an expanded IR Ecosystem. Introduced were: IR StopLok, IR Safers, Zips! Power, Zips! Camera, Series 950 Camera, LTO3, Series 1500 and CT100. This is in addition to the products released earlier in the year, the CT50, Series 950, and HS100. Customers are already familiar with IR technology on InVue PODs for handheld electronics on display and in the Smart Lock line of cabinet locks. The new products bring IR security to the Sell Thru and Commercial Security categories. Vice President of Sales Lance Weeden felt the enthusiasm for InVue’s new products at their booth, “We talked to hundreds of retailers and consumer electronics brands, and they are all excited about InVue’s new line of security products. With one key, InVue customers will be able to unlock sales throughout their entire store, no matter where it’s stored or displayed.”

Securing Apple merchandise for optimal display and performance.


  • InVue power connectors for the Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad are certified by Apple to meet their performance standards, ensuring the devices are powered up and look their best.
  • If needed, an additional layer of security is easy with InVue’s Sensor Clamp. One clamp size fits all Apple iPhone models providing robust security in just seconds.
  • The InVue Series 2000 is the superior choice for displaying and securing Apple merchandise. Its modularity makes it a perfect fit for any fixture and the small footprint makes the Apple product the hero. The Series 2000 voltage regulation allows you to re-merchandise smartphones and tablets on the same display, without worrying about power requirements.

Additional Security for Today’s Most Coveted Smartphones

The new InVue Sensor Clamp installs quickly and adds an additional layer of security to all Series 940 and Series 1000 handheld sensors. The Sensor Clamp is available in four sizes that fit all popular smartphones, and is perfect for protecting phones with removable batteries and SIM cards. In addition, its unique single-screw design ensures that merchandise will not be damaged during installation. The low-profile, steel arms will never hinder the customers’ ability to interact with the phone’s display.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to add an additional layer of security to your smartphone displays:

Experience the Camera, Not the Security Device


InVue’s Thin Sensor is the thinnest camera security sensor available to retailers. Avoid the “Snow Cone Effect” that forces customers to handle the security device… The Thin Sensor is the first of it’s kind to incorporate full power up capabilities in a small sensor — allowing customers to handle and experience the cameras in the way that the manufacturer intended.

InVue Reveals New Products at Equipmag 2012 in Paris

InVue was represented September 11-13 at the 28th edition of the Equipmag Expo in Paris, France. Nearly 500 exhibitors represented companies from all over the world and more than 20,000 visitors were there to take in the sights. Revealing new secure display products that revolutionize security for handheld displays, InVue’s 34 sq. meter booth was crawling with attendees.

Invue Powers Up Game-Changing Technology For Locking Display Cases: Cabinet Lock Eliminates Lost Keys And Broken Locks.

After decades of lost sales, annoyed consumers and frustrated sales associates, the ubiquitous, stubbornly-old-fashioned display case lock has finally met its match with the introduction of InVue’s Cabinet Lock and new IR2 Key featuring PowerTouch technology.

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