InVue Security


Series 1000 Impact

The perfect display angle.

Emphasize the merchandise, not the security. The Series 1000 Impact Display Stand features a sleek forward curve with a patented internal recoil mechanism that returns the product to its ideal display position every time. Mount the stand to the display, attach merchandise and activate the alarm.

Series 1000 Impact also protects:



Curved Design

Unique forward-curving design places the emphasis on the merchandise – displaying products in a way that encourages customers to pick it up, promoting increased sales.


Perfect Placement®

Perfect Placement®™ returns merchandise to the ideal position every time.


Two Heights

The Series 1000 Impact display stand POD is available in 2 heights. Sizes are: Low Profile display stand and Standard display stand.


Internal Recoiler

Patented internal recoiler system and improved longer life cord add to the ease-of-use and simplicity of Series 1000 PODs.