InVue Security


Locking Hooks

Display merchandise openly and safely.

InVue’s Locking Hooks allows retailers to enjoy the security of locked cabinets and the power of open merchandising. InVue’s proprietary OM Key™ allows for easy unlocking and display adjustment. The highest form of Sell-thru Security, InVue’s Locking Hooks require associate assistance to dispense merchandise.


Locking Front End

InVue Locking Hooks can only be unlocked with proprietary OM Key™ but open design allows consumers to feel and examine the merchandise; unlocks quickly and easily.


Locking Base

Locking Hooks are secured to the wall board with a locking base.The hooks can only be removed by a store associate with the proprietary OM Key™


InVue OM Key

The proprietary OM Key™ generates a perpendicular force that provides a more secure interface with the internal socket and shuttle mechanism. The keys come standard with EAS coils (AM or RF) included.