InVue Security



Works with any non-secure hook.

Retailers decide the amount of merchandise consumers can access with StopLok, the perfect combination of security and open merchandising. Items displayed in front of StopLok can be removed from the display; merchandise behind the StopLok is secure. StopLok works with any non-secure hook and can be easily unlocked and adjusted with InVue’s proprietary OM Key™.



Provides instant security for many single wire non-secure hooks and allows retailers to select the number of “live” and “locked” merchandise items on the hook.


Universal Lock Symbol

The StopLok™ features an easy-to-understand universal lock symbol to alert customers that the merchandise is secured. Provides global appeal and communication.



Secure & Durable

The external body of the StopLok™ is engineered to provide more stability, increased strength and enhanced resistance to manual attacks.


Easy to Use

Using the OM Key’s™ patented locking technology, the StopLok™ quickly and easily locks and unlocks; providing efficient security for sell-thru merchandise.